Before there was a thesis... / by Jon Bero

There was an idea, a story, and plans to make it all happen.

With my script in hand, camera equipment packed and ready, I set off for Japan. While there, I traveled all across the country, rarely staying in one place for more than two nights. My main interest was filming in Aokigahara (aka, Suicide Forest) because of the primordial nature of that place. Being a forest that grew out of Mt. Fuji's last eruption, the terrain in there is all over the place, with exposed root systems and an overall disorienting vibe to the forest. It was a location I knew I wanted for my film, which would ultimately serve as a backdrop for my 2D animated characters.

I spent a few days staying in the nearby adjacent town of Kawaguchiko to film in the forest. This, however, was only one of my many stops in Japan. And a small moment in a trip that literally took me around the world to complete my thesis...

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