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This is one of the most helpful classes I’ve seen on Skillshare. It’s so important to have a solid grip on the basics in order to move on to more detailed work and this class gives you that! I’m feeling very confident in beginning animation after taking this course.
— Alexis

Based upon past work, Skillshare approached me to pitch a course idea for their first ever VIP Teacher Program, eventually becoming Creating Characters + Animating Stories. This course, focusing on storytelling and animation using Adobe's new Character Animator program, went on to be featured to over 3+ million users as a top course of 2017 as well as for featuring exceptional content. This also led to my selection as a top new teacher on the platform in 2017 based on the course and user engagement.

Character Animator itself was a program I really wanted to feature because of how simply it allows users to quickly get to animating their own characters, leveraging facial recognition and lip-syncing in a fun and intuitive way. Students create and design their own characters (which we develop in the early stages of the course) and learn how to quickly and easily integrate them into an animation workflow.

Coming from no knowledge of this software, I was able to create a recording in hours!
— Mark

By acting out what we want our characters to do in real-time, this course provides the foundation and means to create animations that before would have required months of learning a particular piece of software. Finally, we use all that we’ve created over the course to put together a short animatic that tells a story. Students leave this class with a collection of basic character animations and a short animation reel (featuring the kinds of demonstrated skills and varied animatics companies look for in a reel).

The course provides a solid groundwork for students to push their animation and storytelling skills further, with a solid understanding of basic character creation, the "frame", as well as basic animation and storytelling principles.

I really enjoyed this and learnt a lot from just one person. Keep it up! I honestly find these videos more helpful than the other content I’ve been viewing. It’s very detailed, precise but simple!
— Joseph

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